Margaretha de Jong onderweg naar Miss Earth

Margaretha de Jong is gister vertrokken naar de Filipijnen voor de wereldwijde Miss Earth verkiezing. Margaretha had een tussenstop in Doha en is nu bijna op de plaats van bestemming. Margaretha werd op 31 augustus gekroond tot Miss Beauty of the Netherlands en daarmee was ze de uitverkorene miss om Nederland te vertegenwoordigen bij Miss Earth. De blonde Friezin heeft zich de afgelopen weken volop voorbereid op het grote avontuur door fotoshoots te doen, catwalk trainingen te volgen én natuurlijk haar steentje bij te dragen voor een beter milieu. Margaretha zal ongeveer een maand in de Filipijnen verblijven om te strijden tegen bijna 90 andere landen. We wensen haar heel veel succes!

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Im waiting at the AirPort where my journey to Miss Earth will begin. I feel so blessed to represent my Beautiful country the Netherlands at Miss Earth in the Philippines. I'm a proud eco warrior and Im ready to create environmental awareness all over the Earth💚 I Will travel by myself now but I couldnt do this all alone. Therefore I would like to Thank the many people Who supported me, trained me and helped me. First of all my family and my boyfriend and friends, Thank you for being my greatest support! Then my national director Milou Verhoeks and International Director Charina Bartels for believing in me, train me and arrange everything for me. Also Sanne Roffel for believing in me to represent Friesland at the grand finale of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands. Chantal and Cees from Hairdreams for helping me with my hair. Reggie Henriquez for being the best Catwalk coach There is! Aneudi Cabral for his Great choreo! Lamare for my Beautiful gowns! Baroqco for the wonderfull handmade jewelerry! Chantal from I Love Ith for the best make up and Beautiful lashes. Sterre from for all the wonderfull dresses and outfits. Food and health coach André Mostard for all the great tips. Ryan for the Great make up and hair lessons! All the photographers I have worked with to have such a Great portfolio! All the girls and team from Miss Beauty of the Netherlands and ofcourse all the International fans Who are supporting me through this journey! Love you all and together we will make Great things happen🇳🇱👑💚 #teamnetherlands #missearth #roadtomissearth2018 #saynotoplastic #missearth2018 #jurkjescom #baroqcojewelry #missbeautyofthenetherlands #iloveith #hairdeamsofficial #hairextensionsbychantal #missearthnetherlands

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