Een vrolijke nail party misstaat niemand, denk aan fijne kleurtjes en vrolijke figuurtjes! Op het gebied van nail art mag er in Nederland steeds meer, we zien vooral op Instagram dat er geëxperimenteerd wordt op nagelgebied en dat kunnen we alleen maar stimuleren. Als je @lakwerk volgt op Instagram heb je meteen zin om je nagels mooi te maken. Om jou ook te inspireren hebben we de leukste nail art voor het voorjaar op een rijtje gezet.

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tb to february when i got the cutest nails🌹

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💅🏼💅🏼 #nails #beauty

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After talking with friends this week, we noticed we all kind of lost having hobbies. Doing stuff just for fun. Not because it has to be ‘big’, to be a side job, or something you will make money off. Sometimes it's just great to learn something new because it makes you relaxed, happy or is a creative outlet. I feel like we’re copy pasting what we learn in our professional lives onto our personal lives. Making sure that even our weekends are super productive and planned as efficiently as possible. I too, often feel guilty when I'm doing 'nothing' or a hobby isn't something I'll benefit from professionally. (I'll listen to a Girlboss podcast to get career inspiration, meditate to get my head clear to be able to work more, go to the gym so I'll look fitter, take a design class to use for my insta). So to kick off 2020 and explore new hobbies again, I've ordered a few nail supplies, bought some tools, watched some YouTube tutorials and just started messing around. Here's my first attempt at nail art, lol, and I just loved 'wasting away' 3 hours of my day. As @kash.ia points out, let's bring back hobbies in 2020 – and this doesn't have to cost a lot! Like photography? Walk around your city and take ten photos with your phone. Wanna to learn how to cook? Watch tutorials on YouTube. Love a good podcast? Organize a podcast club that meets every week or month to discuss episodes. Do you recognize yourself in any of this?

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