Must-See: De love story van Claire

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Claire Cliteur is afgelopen dinsdag getrouwd met de liefde van haar leven. Ze ontmoette hem een jaar geleden en hoe dat ging verteld ze in een super romantische video op YouTube. Fans geven aan in tijden zoiets romantisch te hebben gezien en tot tranen geroerd te zijn.

For all those who don’t believe in love.. watch this. On a daily base, I used to write all my ideas of love in a diary, whether it was a good story or a learning lesson. This one is beyond my ideas and thoughts. I guess, this is what real love means. It was January 9th last year when he booked two tickets to Barcelona. And 5 days later we went.. never spoken, never really met. From the moment I saw him, I knew. He knew. It was almost too good to be true. Flying, fooling around never felt so strong, Drinking, dancing and from that moment on, never alone. One year later he woke me up in New York. He took me to the water and suddenly he proposed. Guess what I said…